Foresight Mindset™ is a practice that allows you to detect new trends and business opportunities earlier and with more confidence. Creativity is a mindset that can be learned. Innovation is not what others do, but where you can lead. Intrapreneurship is a culture that you can create. These are just some of the tools that your company needs to be ready for the challenges of the 21st century.

Mario Herger

Mario Herger

I’ve been living in Silicon Valley since 2001. I am researching technology trends, write books and consult companies on topics such as Innovation, Silicon Valley Mindset, Foresight Mindset, Automotive, Artificial Intelligence, Creativity, Intrapreneurship. For many years I worked at SAP as development manager and innovation strategist.

Now I help companies how they can apply the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit from Silicon Valley in their organizations, to be more innovative and discover trends and tipping points earlier and influence them.

I give keynotes about these topics and conduct workshops on Foresight Mindset, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation, Silicon Valley-Mindset, Automotive, Creativity, and Intrapreneurship. I also look at signals of emerging technology trends and how they impact society, politics, or employment.

I also host and meet delegations from other countries and bring them contact with people and companies in Silicon Valley.


Some of my last books (since 2016) were

I am currently working on a book entitled Future Angst, in which I analyze the current situation and reasons for the nature of the debate in Europe in general and the German-speaking world in particular on new technologies and developments, which may see the dangers and risks but not the opportunities and possibilities. Keywords describing the situation include GDPR, killer robots, ethical problems, BER, lack of broadband internet or the diesel scandal. I also try to point out the potential negative effects of this behavior and attitude and possible solutions.


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