Enterprise Garage is a boutique consultancy whose goal is to breath some of Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial and innovative spirit into your company. The passion, the love, the desire to make a dent in the universe drives people. And we can show you how Silicon Valley does it.

Foresight Mindset™ is a practice that allows you to detect new trends and business opportunities earlier and with more confidence. Creativity is a mindset that can be learned. Innovation is not what others do, but where you can lead. Intrapreneurship is a culture that you can create. Gamification is when work becomes more fun and engaging. These are just some of the tools that your company needs to be ready for the challenges of the 21st century. We conduct workshops on all these topics.

With a deep knowledge of the mindset of Silicon Valley and what makes it successful, we assist you creating a strategy to master the future and bring Silicon Valley into your ecosystem and culture.